Versatile bloggers

My writing friend and pirate lady-in-chief/1066 chronicler Helen Hollick has nominated me as a versatile blogger. It’s a way to recognise other bloggers and introduce them and their readers to new blogs. And people blog about the most amazing subjects…

So, what do I have to do? 1. Display the logo (cut and paste it […]

What the readers say... The survey report

Readers never cease to surprise me – that’s the chief finding of the survey I ran over three weeks at the end of January/ beginning of February. I wanted to know how readers found the books they read and how they interacted with authors. It was pure curiosity combined with a sincere wish to give […]

My top ten blog posts

Me and Forum Romanum

Now it’s December, I thought I’d look back to see what the most popular posts have been. Is it a competition? No, it’s a mystery!

In 2013 and 2014 combined (in traditional reverse order)

10. The Alternation of Rome – About creating an alternative timeline and how Roma Nova […]