My top ten blog posts

Me and Forum Romanum

Now it’s December, I thought I’d look back to see what the most popular posts have been. Is it a competition? No, it’s a mystery!

In 2013 and 2014 combined (in traditional reverse order)

10. The Alternation of Rome – About creating an alternative timeline and how Roma Nova […]

Meet Alison Morton - the video!

Yes, I have succumbed. It’s all the fault of my new smartphone; I love exploring the features and I’ve just discovered the superb quality video facility. So here you have a few thoughts about my writing, my heroines, writing in general, and what I think of reviews and interacting with readers.

For the […]

On making a book trailer

(This is an updated version made in November 2016, but everything below is still true!)

As a big fan of the moving image, I wanted to make an animated advert for my forthcoming book, INCEPTIO. Could I do it myself? I’m no Steven Spielberg, but I had the track record of […]