On being unusual and historical...

The Roma Nova thrillers are definitely unusual. Although part of the historical fiction canon, alternate history stories ask readers to follow a speculative but hopefully historically logical path. In a way they are niche, but one which I hope will grow.

Some periods are fashionable like the Tudors, others eternally loved like Regency, others wax and wane in popularity such as the Second World War, or (dare I say) Greek and Roman. But some are relatively unexplored and contain treasure waiting to be discovered.

UHbannerUnusual Historicals sets out to highlight these hidden pearls and diamonds. A group of historical author-bloggers established in 2006 explore unusual and until now hidden settings and times to create distinctive, intriguing novels on the edge of historical fiction.

And I’ve just been invited to join this august group! 🙂

Posts are clustered round themes, and the fifteen regular contributors provide four or five  posts each month throughout during the year. In 2016, you’ll see these:

January: New Year Traditions
February: Unlikely Romances
March: First Ladies
April: The Intellectuals
May: My Characters Lived In ….
June: Slaves and Servants
July: Beyond Our Stars
August: The Arts
September: Revolutions
October: Treasure
November: Odd Jobs
December: Imagining the End

UH_AureliaAnd interspersed are posts from visitors with extracts from their new books, plus author interviews.  All the Roma Nova novels have been featured, so I know about the friendliness and the scope of the site.

Group blogging is beneficial for writers and readers.

Writers can share research, insights and photos related to their period as well as have the discipline of commitment to produce regular pieces of work apart from their own books.

Readers discover new authors and fascinating facts about clothes, manners, food, architecture and all aspects of daily life in the past from a select but knowledgeable group of historical authors. Win-win!

‘Eclectic mix’ is the expression designed for this site – all unusual and definitely historical. Do go and have a look and if you like what you see, follow us. It’ll be a great ride!


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITASSUCCESSIO and AURELIA. The Roma Nova box set is available only until 31 January 2016.

Find out more about Roma Nova, its origins, stories and heroines…

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