Anna Belfrage - Love me, love my character

Today’s lovely guest is historical fiction writer, Anna Belfrage. Had she been allowed to choose, she’d have become a professional time-traveller. As this was impossible, she became a financial professional with two absorbing interests: history and writing. Anna is the author of the acclaimed time-slip series The Graham Saga, winner of multiple awards, including the […]

Annie Whitehead - Love me, love my character

Today, my guest is Annie Whitehead,. Her first novel, To Be A Queen, the story of Aethelflaed, daughter of Alfred the Great, was long-listed for the Historical Novel Society’s 2016 Indie Award and has been awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion. Alvar the Kingmaker has also just been award the B.R.A.G. Medallion. She has twice been a […]

Giving it back - the Denver HNS conference

HNS 2015 selfpub/indie panel. With me are with Geri Clouston, Anna Belfrage, Helen Hollick, Dan Willis. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Moore Hopkins

In front of an audience, my talented colleagues to my left, I caught my mental breath. Here I was, chairing a panel at the prestigious US 2015 Historical Novel Society conference. […]

Off to Denver!

Well, I’m packing my bags this weekend for a long trip to the USA and Canada. On the last weekend of June, I’m attending the Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver where I’ll be able to meet ‘virtual’ friends of several years’ standing in the flesh. Quietly excited… 😉

But more than that, on the […]

Not the Booker prize, but...

Self-publishing is expanding exponentially; it has long ceased to be a minority interest. But along with the glorious freedom of writing any genre, mixed genres or no genre and the ability to control every aspect of a book’s production comes responsibility to the readers.

Some authors write books purely for their own pleasure and that’s […]