Collaborating authors

ALLI authors meet up at the London Book Fair April 2014

Writing is a solitary thing – it’s you, the writing medium and hard graft alone together. Your imagination/brain/mind/muse and the pen or keyboard are it. Perhaps you have a writing buddy, known sometimes as a critique partner, or belong to a writers’ […]

PERFIDITAS joins INCEPTIO as a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree!

B.R.A.G. Medallion® – what’s that? In the large sea of self/independently published work, there is a lot of flotsam and jetsam and not all of it is worth picking up. How to tell? Well, IndieBRAG, a privately held organization has brought together a large group of readers, both individuals and members of book clubs, located […]

Meet Geri Clouston of IndieBRAG

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Geraldine Clouston, founder and president of IndieBRAG, an organisation whose mission is “to recognize quality on the part of authors who self-publish both print and digital books.”

One fearsome, but in a way reassuring, statistic is that IndieBRAG rejects 90% of books that it considers. Not quite two years old, […]

INCEPTIO stickered

The stickers arrived from IndieBRAG today.

INCEPTIO is now proudly wearing its new status as a B.R.A.G. MedallionTM honoree.

More about B.R.A.G. MedallionTM here.


But that’s not all that arrived today…