Off to Denver!

Well, I’m packing my bags this weekend for a long trip to the USA and Canada. On the last weekend of June, I’m attending the Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver where I’ll be able to meet ‘virtual’ friends of several years’ standing in the flesh. Quietly excited… 😉

But more than that, on the […]

Meet Elaine Moxon and the Wolf Sons - Wulfsuna

A Birmingham author and member of the Historical Novel Society, Elaine grew up in an Anglo-Italian family. She attributes her lifelong interest in story-telling to the roguish tales her grandfather told of his Italian childhood, and family holidays visiting ancient burial sites and stone circles. She loves languages, history and travel and lives with her […]

Ben Kane and A Day of Fire

Today, I don’t have one special guest but six! My writing friend Ben Kane has been working with a group of other historical authors to write a collaborative novel in six stories. This venture could have been as risky as the eruption of Vesuvius, the volcano at the centre of their story, A Day of […]

You don’t want to be alone!

Sitting by yourself, in a spare bedroom, study, or even at the dining room table, and tapping away on a keyboard can be a lonely business. People wonder why you don’t go outdoors on a sunny day or wander into the village for a leisurely drink at the local bar or browse around the market. […]

Meet Lorna Fergusson - winner and tutor!

Today, I’m delighted to welcome acclaimed author and HNS Conference Short Story winner Lorna Fergusson to Roma Nova. Born and brought up in Scotland, Lorna studied English at Aberdeen and Oxford Universities. She now runs Fictionfire Literary Consultancy. In addition to her own workshops, she teaches at the Winchester Writers’ Festival and for Oxford University. […]