A writing hiatus

Alison not quite cross-eyed

You may have thought I’d disappeared.

No, apart from squeezing in some writing and finalising edits with my copy editor, I was just publishing and launching a new book.

“Just publishing and launching” doesn’t quite describe it.

Let me show you…

Target RETALIO publication date: 27 April 2017

Mid January: […]

Ruth Downie - Love me, love my character

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Ruth Downie back to the Roma Nova writing world. She’s talked before about historic truth and donkey poo, and wrote a poignant account ‘from below’ at the court of Boudica as part of A Year of Ravens. Of course, Roma Novans know her as the name on the endorsement for […]

SUCCESSIO goes on a blast!

SUCCESSIO is in the very capable hands of the Historic Fiction Virtual Book Tours (HFVBT) who are organising a mini book tour, called a book blast. It’s mainly to let readers know that the third Roma Nova book is now available.

Follow the Successio Book Blast

June 16: Flashlight Commentary & Princess […]

PERFIDITAS is on tour!

Interviews, reviews, spotlights and giveaways along the way. See you there!

Virtual Book Tour Schedule

Monday, April 14 Review at Flashlight Commentary INCEPTIO PERFIDITAS

Tuesday, April 15 Interview at Flashlight Commentary

Wednesday, April 16 Interview at Bibliophilia, Please

Thursday, April 17 Spotlight & Giveaway at Broken Teepee

Monday, April 21 Review at […]

WINNER! Winter Solstice Blog Hop - Shedding light on the Roman dusk draw

I ran a giveaway draw with my post about the Roman dusk – part of the Winter Solstice Blog Hop. Let me say, it was incredibly difficult to decide, so I put all the names in a hat and the name of the winning paper was …

(drum roll)

Nicole Evelina!

Read about her here…