30 questions - a revealing post

Could you answer 30 personal questions in a public forum? And would you want to? There’s a quiz going round Facebook but just to be different, I thought I’d answer them here!

1. Who are you named after? My first name, nobody, but my second name ‘Mary’ pops up frequently in my mother’s family. 2. […]

Social media vs. work/life balance

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an author in possession of a book must be in want of social media. Okay. that’s corny, but it’s true. But how hard should we pursue out courtship of social media and should we toss our head, be defiant and stick up for our principles, yet concede that […]

Day 3 at the London Book Fair

Today was a ‘lighter’ day. After the ALLi celebratory party yesterday we were all a little quieter, but still kept up a busy routine. My first ‘appointment’ of the day was to talk through the fine detail of book production with SilverWood Books’ publishing director, Helen Hart. The third book in my Roma Nova thriller […]

RNA Conference – where to start?

The Twitter and blogspheres have been full of praise for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich last weekend. Rightly so. Jan and Roger masterminded the conference, the RNA stalwarts gave talks, introduced and chaired discussions and seamlessly supported the whole framework. Joanna Trollope gave the keynote speech and she […]

Must-have writer's aids...

Yes, essential to the writing environment are:

a working computer with appropriate software a supportive chair warmth light peace

But the most important adjunct is CHOCOLATE. So what does chocolate do for the writer?

1. Flavonoids Chocolate is chock-full(!) of flavonoids—naturally-occurring compounds found in the cacao plant, as well as in red wine, tea, fruits, […]