The terror of writing

You stare at the stodgy sentences. You can’t think what words to write next. You are starting to bore yourself. Your characters are boring each other. Nobody will want to read this drivel.

And so it goes round and round in your head.

You’ve written ten novels or none. You’ve won prizes or you’re just […]

Guidelines for a determined writer

I belong to a local writers’ circle and yesterday it was my turn to lead the session. We have a lively discussion which resulted in more ideas. Here’s a potted version…

1. Know what you really want Not what other people, e.g. family, spouses and friends think you want, nor what you think you should […]

Writers' resolutions? Er, no...

No, I’m not making resolutions for 2015; they are easily made and easily broken. It’s a bit like dieting – it never works.

So what’s a writer to do? I have a few recommendations…

Have your vision and write your story – tap, tap, tap. Make a beautiful world or an ugly one – it […]

Take all the free help you can find

Monday mornings I spend a little time catching up on my favourite blogs. Even if I spend an hour of writing time, I always pick up at least three new tips.

Today, from Your Writer Platform I found out about the marvellous editorial calendar for WordPress which I promptly installed. On the Smashwords blog, I […]

Conflicting advice and making your own decision

Conflicting advice is the very devil, especially if it’s given by different well-respected and hugely experienced writers. Especially when you’ve paid for it from a well-researched and carefully selected specialist or it comes via a highly professional writing organisation.

Like most newbie writers, I am passionate, energetic and in love with my story and characters. […]