Writing Challenge Day 28: The saddest writing/reading thing this month

Bit of a downer, this one, but I’m both sad and cross.

My reading tastes are pretty wide-ranging. This most important thing about any novel/novella or short story is the it’s a good story with well drawn characters and an enticing plot. I was brought up to finish a book before commenting on it, so […]

Liz Harris: A diet that actually works – the research diet

Today’s guest is Liz Harris a friend from my earliest writing days. Liz was born in London. After graduating with a law degree, she moved to California for six years where she led a varied life from waitressing on Sunset Strip to working as secretary to the CEO of a large Japanese trading company to […]

A writing challenge – Day 1: Starting with revealing information...

Official photo! (More photos here)

A writing friend of mine, Jennifer C Wilson, has given me a challenge. Well, not directly, but an idea.

Every day in August, she’s been doing posts on aspects of writing. Now, I can’t guarantee to keep that up, but I’m going to have a go. I would […]

Judging for Words With Jam

STOP PRESS: Winners announced!

The quality was impressive; it caused much sweating of the brow and drinking of tea. Congratulations to the three winners, but also to all those on the long and short lists. http://www.wordswithjam.co.uk/2017/07/first-page-competition-2017-winners.html ——————

A few weeks ago, I was delighted (and rather flattered) to be asked to judge the Words […]

Images, work and copyright

You’ve seen the most wonderful picture on Google Images. An online blog has the perfect photo for your book cover. Look at that graphic – wouldn’t that make your book event notice/header/PR banner shine?


Unless you pay a licence or ask the owner’s permission to reproduce it, it’s theft. The least you could […]