I’ve just received this scanned report in ROYAL magazine of the INCEPTIO launch at Waterstones Tunbridge Wells. What a superb write-up. And yes, we had fun! Deepest thanks to Sarah Bond who wrote it, Gaynor Edwards who masterminded the PR for the evening and the Kent & Sussex Courier ROYAL team for the beautiful production. […]

Security for the Olympics - a perspective

I don’t get ranty very often, but the anti-rant barrier broke this morning as I listened to the mouthings on Yesterday in Parliament on BBCRadio 4.

The Olympic Games security plan looks poorly planned and executed, so further military personnel have been brought in to help.

Several points: Thank goodness we have professional, well-disciplined forces […]

How I did it - my first self-published book!

Here’s a copy of my article in Mslexia magazine, as promised in my previous post. (Click through for a larger version)

It’s a great mag – worth every penny. Here’s how you can subscribe.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS, SUCCESSIO and AURELIA. The fifth in the series, […]

In Mslexia – national (and international) fame!

Shortly after Military or Civilians? was published, Danuta Kean invited me to submit a short piece for the Mslexia magazine’s spot called How I Did It. In a bit over 200 words, under headings The Book, The Long Haul and The Advice, I outlined the experience of publishing my ebook.

A frisson of excitement rose […]