London Book Fair - Day 2

With Rhiann Watts and Eliza Green

As I walked down Earls Court Gardens to start Day 2 at the London Book Fair, I still felt the buzz of Day 1. Or maybe it was the warmth of the sunshine on my face…

The Roma Nova badges seem to be catching on…



My London Book Fair - Day 1

Where to begin? It was a corker of a day! Sipping my glass of wine, I am trying to review the fizzing day. Let me share it in pictures because in my shattered state, it’s going to be easier…

Here I am at the Kobo stand. Thrilled to see INCEPTIO was included in the graphic […]

Scenes from the British Museum

Out into the rain this morning on my way to the British Museum to see the Vikings, I walked down Earls Court Gardens and spotted sets of bicycles chained artistically to the railings. I guess there’s nowhere else to store them.

After fairly mundane ride on the Picadilly Line, I arrived at the British Museum, […]

A pre-London Book Fair meet-up

Glynis Smy, Jessica Bell, me, Talli Roland

Energised by meeting a terrific group of other writers last night. No, ‘energised’ is not a euphemism for hangover. The atmosphere really did fizz. Writers are used to listening, observing and absorbing, and they are genuinely interested in each others’ progress. And, of course, their problems […]

On the way to the 2014 London Book Fair

Although I have a guest as usual on Thursday, I’m going to be posting pictures when I can of my trip this week to LBF. It’s going to be a mix, but this is posting ‘on the hoof’ or if you want to be arty, ‘performance posting’.

I flew in today on Ryanair from Poitiers. […]