Writing Challenge Day 29: Best accomplishment this month?

Hahaha! Actually, it will be finishing this challenge. 😉

Writing (nearly) daily posts interspersed with posts from some fabulous guests has really exercised my writing muscles. Writing short, hopefully sharp, pieces to a timetable means you gain focus and commitment. Long-form writing like novels can lead to a certain complacency so these blog posts have enabled me to write tighter and quicker.

But strangely, I’ve also increased the word count on my novel-in-progress quite nicely at the same time as well as writing four quite involved guest posts, my monthly newsletter and an article on writing for a local English language magazine.

A collective accomplishment has been the cover reveal of Betrayal and start of marketing campaign in collaboration with the eleven other historical fiction writers.

Overall, it’s got me back into the writing groove after a rather dull and depressing summer in Covid-19 land. I think that’s a good enough accomplishment.

Oh, and I’ve been to the hairdresser again.

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