The Alternation of Rome

Rome fascinates us, bewitches us even in the high tech 21st century. It stretched for over 1229 years, it reached the heights (occasionally depths) of military achievement, produced the social, cultural and legal framework for the entire Western world, gave us its engineering genius and left us a richness in architecture, power politics, literature and […]

The Wonder of Rome

Coming soon! The Wonder of Rome blog hop

Over the weekend of 15-19 August, you will be able to visit eighteen sites displaying the wonder of Rome and trying to solve the mystery of why we are so attracted to a society that disappeared over 1600 years ago.

Or did it?

Come back here […]

Roman dating essentials

Julius Caesar (He’s the one on the plinth.)

Watching the countdown calendar to the publication day of INCEPTIO on 1 March reminded that the first of the month in the Roman system – the Kalends – ended up as our word for measuring the whole thing.

In my Roma Nova thrillers, I use […]

Io Saturnalia! One big party or the ancestor of Christmas?

Temple of Saturn, Rome

Saturnalia was THE most important Roman festival. Heavy on feasting, fun and gifts, it was originally celebrated in Ancient Rome for only a day around 17 December (today!), but it was so popular it expanded into a week or even longer, despite Augustus’ efforts to reduce it to three […]

The Next Big Thing...

Last Wednesday I was tagged by the marvellous writer Victoria Lamb for The Next Big Thing. This week, it’s my turn to answer the following questions and tag a few other writers in my turn.

What is the title of your next book? INCEPTIO

Where did the idea for the book come from? INCEPTIO is […]