March news – It's all been happening!

Dark days are on us again with the invasion of Ukraine. Romans can’t always hold their heads up in this respect, but this is 2022 Europe. Such a thing should no longer even be considered, let alone happen. The International Committee of the Red Cross is already active, bringing relief inside and outside Ukraine. […]

Signing with A for Authors

It’s official and I’m • delighted (normal me) • thrilled (as per my books) • quietly pleased (very British) • ecstatic (OTT) (Highlight or delete as applicable)

Why? Because I will be working with Annette Crossland of A for Authors literary agency, who will be handling the subsidiary and foreign rights for my books.


What’s new(s)?

First of all, I want to thank my loyal subscribers – direct and by RSS – who follow my blog posts. I hope I’ve entertained and possibly informed you. Now I’m stepping it up and will be sending out a monthly email newsletter. It’ll contain news, updates, comments, tips and competitions.

If you’d like to […]