Yay for libraries!

Librarians Emma (left) and Susan (right)

After the success of the INCEPTIO evening in Pembury Library in 2013, Susan Rogers, the community librarian, had long wanted me to give a talk in the area central library in Tunbridge Wells, so we arranged it to coincide with the publication of SUCCESSIO, the third of […]


As well as the London launch next Wednesday (4 June), I’m giving a talk at the Tunbridge Wells Library on 10 June at 7pm about writing the Roma Nova stories. SUCCESSIO, PERFIDITAS and the Roma Nova series starter, INCEPTIO may feature…

There’ll be wine before, and book signing afterwards with all three books.

I’d love […]

INCEPTIO - Pembury Library talk

Giving the audience the lowdown on INCEPTIO

When I was planning the launch of INCEPTIO at Waterstones in Tunbridge Wells, I was very keen to go and talk at my local library on the same trip.

I lived in Pembury for over 24 years and spent many happy hours in the library when […]

Saving libraries day

Today, the book world moves. It’s out there saving libraries for you and the next several generations.

If you do nothing else this dull and cloudy weekend, go and take a book out. Or audio book. Or CD. Or DVD. Go and browse the Internet for free. Ask those incredibly clever librarians for information, guidance […]