Signing with A for Authors

It’s official and I’m • delighted (normal me) • thrilled (as per my books) • quietly pleased (very British) • ecstatic (OTT) (Highlight or delete as applicable)

Why? Because I will be working with Annette Crossland of A for Authors literary agency, who will be handling the subsidiary and foreign rights for my books.


Casualty and being ecumenical

Yesterday I had a health scare and spent a significant part of the day in Casualty/ER/Urgences (take your pick), so I don’t have a prepared post. Lying hooked up and waiting for blood test results, the next ECG, whatever, I had time to think. And this morning in the shower, my random thoughts solidified.

No, […]

On pitching at parties...

The scene: A book industry party Present: New authors, multi-published authors, agents, editors, publishers, guests, even spouses

A first conversation: Sensible and Friendly Author to agent: “Don’t worry, I’m not pitching because my book isn’t ready yet.” Sensible and Savvy Agent: “If I was worried about people pitching to me I wouldn’t come to a […]

Rejection - why it shouldn't be followed by dejection

I wrote this back in 2011 when I was considering going the traditional publishing route, but even in 2019 it’s still very relevant, so please forgive any anachronisms and read on…

I’m busy writing Book 3 but in the meantime, sending Book 1 out into the world. I’ve polished my manuscript, I’ve hand-crafted my cover […]