Writing Challenge Day 19: Characters' pastimes

Pastimes? Hobbies? What are those? These don’t tend to feature in writers’ consciousness; either writing is done in any spare time left after work or at the weekend, or for full-time writers, spare time is when they go and research or grab a book for background reading. The result is that I had to scratch my head to think of the Roma Novans’ hobbies.

Carina, certainly when Karen in New York, enjoyed ‘the movies’ and often makes reference to films, such as when describing her boss:

His old-fashioned sports jacket and pants made him look like a crusty old guy from a black and white movie, but he gave me a human-enough smile.    [INCEPTIO]

Or Conrad:

The hard-eyed observer at the client meeting had been replaced by a polite socialite out of a 1950s film.    [INCEPTIO]

I was too surprised to say anything – it was such a foreign gesture, like in an old movie.    [INCEPTIO]

When they are being followed:

In movies, the character who turned around when told not to instantly regretted it. But we weren’t in a movie.   [INCEPTIO]

She even subscribed to a magazine:

Safely back behind the doors of my apartment building, I checked my mailbox and, along with my movie periodical, found an envelope with my name but no return address.   [INCEPTIO]

The other character who has a definite hobby is Imperatrix Silvia:

I took the handkerchief she offered. It was exquisite – fine lawn edged with lace. The fragile curls and whorls hardly touched each other except by a single thread – a world away from the blood and brutality of the last few minutes. I couldn’t blow my nose on this piece of delicacy. I sniffed instead.   [PERFIDITAS]

We know that Inspector Lurio enjoys hunting and not just the bad guys in his daytime job as a tough policeman:

‘He’s had his main vacation this year, three weeks’ walking and hunting in Italy.’   [INCEPTIO]

Now, I’m stymied about the other main characters. Conrad is very dedicated to his work and very driven by his duty. He enjoys keeping fit and being with his family.

Apollodorus in INCEPTIO and PERFIDITAS had collected beautiful Art Nouveau furniture and pictures, but that was perhaps more of an obsession.

Author photo of roses at the Château du Rivau

Aurelia remains a mystery in this area; she’s very like Conrad in her dedication to her duty. I reckon she has her hands full keeping her family and businesses in order as well as in her role of imperial councillor and minister. Ah, no, of course, she loves her roses apart from red ones which are forbidden in the garden at Domus Mitelorum…

Let me know if you’ve noticed any other Roma Novan characters’ hobbies…!

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