Inspired or over-imaginative? On the Alliance of Independent Authors podcast

Absolutely thrilled to be invited on to the Alliance podcast, hosted by Howard Lovy. And even more so as it features ‘inspirational authors’ Not quite sure I’m inspirational, but that’s enough imposter syndrome. 😉

Like many people, I always take a (mental) deep breath before an audio interview as you can’t see who is going to be listening at the other end, both interviewer and the wider audience  – they won’t be able to see your smile, whether nervous or confident. Audio only gives a stronger, less attenuated signal and is standard for interviews over the internet on systems such as Skype. I usually ask the host to switch on their video a few minutes to chat beforehand so I can visualise them as the interview progresses. Then we’re back to audio only.

Howard has created a very smooth yet snappy podcast from all my mumblings and highlighted a couple of quotes:

On Creating Alternate History

“Every book has its own world and you have to create that with detail, but not drop it in in great lumps. You’ve got to get your characters completely integrated into the world and drip drop information in. But you have to make it plausible, credible and consistent.”

On Bringing Roman Times Forward

“You can’t have kick-ass feisty women who are heroines doing stuff in the ancient Roman world. So it basically had to come forward to the modern world. And to get it forward, we had to have a Roman society that had survived.”

And here’s the podcast!


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ALLi  is a diverse, supportive and friendly community of thousands of authors, collaborating with other author organizations and service partners.

In addition to an active, engaged, and growing membership, alongside with a healthy social media presence, ALLi has credibility and influence in the publishing and self-publishing industries with its founder-director, the award-winning novelist and poet Orna Ross, repeatedly named one of the “Top 100 people in publishing.” (The Bookseller)

As the only non-profit representing independent authors globally, with members on all seven continents, the association has become the most trusted voice in self-publishing. And its outreach education programs and campaigns ensure its impact is felt beyond its membership designations and borders, influencing the wider author community at every level.


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