A local litfest in France

Signing in St.ClémentinLast weekend, I spent two lovely days at a local literary festival  at the village of Saint-Clémentin in the Deux-Sèvres. Guests included Michèle Roberts, Leigh Russell and Blake Morrison, plus a number of local writers and poets.

Walking with poetry – the mill



There were walks with poetry, writing projects with local schools, participative poetry readings, interviews, workshops, local crafts and gastronomy and a wonderful bookshop.


Local authors like me were encouraged to sell and sign their books.  And the sun shone.



Maire St.Clem

Welcome from Madame le maire

Given that Saint-Clémentin has only just over 1,000 inhabitants, staging a three day littlest with over 50 authors and as many events was miraculous.


But the local writers’ group and an army of volunteers are to be congratulated. It only took two years of planning, the organisation of a military operation and energy resources of a new galaxy to do it.

Alison Morton_Leigh Russell_sm

With Leigh Russell






Blake Morrison_Michèle Roberts

Blake Morrison and Michèle Roberts


Cathy_Jon Welch

With Cathy and Jon Welch who ran the bookshop




Reading a poem













And I sold a lot of these!

And I sold a lot of these!


RomaNova cards_sm

And some of these!









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4 comments to A local litfest in France

  • Almost makes me want to move to France with all that culture and writing stuff going on!
    Glad you enjoyed it and that your new booklet The 500 Word Writing Buddy was selling well. It’s jolly useful info for beginners.

    • Alison

      Thanks, Denise. Everybody was so enthusiastic and the talks a very high standard. Lovely to have gone to something local for a change.

  • Sue Crampton

    Hi Alison
    thanks for replying and what lovely photos on your blog – pasted them on my facebook page ( my author page).
    We had a writers’ meeting this week in Limousin and I recommended your writing buddy book.
    Best wishes

    • Alison

      Thank you, Sue, for the recommendation!
      I also have a monthly newsletter, just click on the ‘Subscribe to my Newsletter’ tab at the top of this page.