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Img_3622_crppdThe INCEPTIO launches in the UK and France were terrific, the French one small, intimate, the UK one a grand affair at Waterstones Tunbridge Wells –  I loved both. I basked in the enthusiasm, well-wishing and sheer fun for days. People bought the book at the events and afterwards in shedloads and then the reviews started being posted on Amazon, Good reads and Waterstones .com.

And the questions flowed in. Here are four of the most asked:

Q1: What does Roma Nova look like?
A: I’ve posted some photos on INCEPTIO’s Facebook page

Q2: What’s the EUS/Roma Nova background?
A: Here’s a potted history…

Q3: When’s the next book coming out?
A: Haha! It’s drafted and just gone out to the beta readers.
(A beta reader is  somebody who reads your book at an early stage with a critical eye, checking storyline, continuity, characterisation or believability and finally, whether it makes a cracking good read.)

Q4: What do Karen and Conrad look like?
A: Subscribe to the newsletter where we’ll be discussing this in the May edition and there’ll be a competition. 😉

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