To blogtour or not to blogtour?

Inceptio Blog Tour LogoI live in France so it’s not easy to do a traditional bookshop tour. A virtual blog tour is a very attractive idea, especially as I hope to connect with potential readers worldwide. My publisher, SilverWood Books, has organised the stop-offs and the impressive logo, so a big thank you to them.

Preparing the posts themselves has been hard work – I want to give readers good information as well as entertain and intrigue them. But I’ve loved answering the huge variety of sometimes challenging questions from my blog hosts and writing posts for them. Good to give the brain an outing!  I could write forever about Roma Nova and what Karen/Carina gets up to…

But there are a lot of virtual tours around and the author is stuck in a dilemma: too much promotion and you can get accused of spamming, not enough promotion and nobody knows about the tour. So, a gently persistent approach, I think.

Following a few other blog tours to get an idea of what’s involved, I’ve been absorbed by the posts. I didn’t think I would be. But being naturally nosy, finding out about the author’s motivations, background, how and why they write plus snippets about the books’ inner stories has been very rewarding. I hope you enjoy mine as much. 😉

Come inside the world of INCEPTIO and see what’s on offer…

April 1 Review by Because this Girl Loves Books

April 2 Guest Post Of History and Kings 

April 3 Guest Post/ Sneak Peek on Alive on the Shelves

April 4 Interview by Because this Girl Loves Books

April 5 Author Spotlight by Brook Cottage Books

April 6 Interview by Layered Pages

April 7 Guest Post on Layered Pages

April 8 Review/ Giveaway on Pedacinho Literario

April 9 Interview/ Review by Crime Thriller Girl

April 10 Review by Jaffa Reads Too

2 comments to To blogtour or not to blogtour?

  • I’ll follow with interest – ten posts looks about right to me.

    I have mixed feelings about blog tours (much the same as yours) – sometimes I think that whatever we do will be wrong! So I just decide which wrong thing I feel like doing!

  • Alison

    Thanks, Jo. Look forward to having you along! I know we need to publicise our books – we’ve worked on them so long – but the secret is not to ram them down people’s throats. A very hard path to tread. 🙂

    But it’s a way to give potential readers information, so we should make the posts interesting and intriguing.