“Renschman is a psycho villain” – what a lovely thing for a reviewer to say!

Yesterday, INCEPTIO went to Texas. Yes, Roma Nova 1 was the guest of Jaime at ‘Because this girl loves books‘ who wrote a lively and incisive review. She said of yours truly: “she’s a natural storyteller and this fast-paced, suspense novel is the perfect example of that talent.

After I inserted my head into ice-water to reduce it to normal proportions, I read the rest of her review.  I was thrilled with this description of my heroine’s nemesis: “Plus Renschman is a psycho villain (like BRO CHILL OUT). I mean cray to the third power. But a good villain only makes the heroine that much better.

Couldn’t have put it better myself. 😉

Read the rest of Jaime’s review here

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