Huge news!

I have signed a publishing agreement with SilverWood Books. INCEPTIO will appear in paperback and ebook format. We are looking at Spring 2013. If it changes, I’ll let you know!

So what is my book about? Romans, alternate history, romance, action-adventure, loss, self-growth, recognition? All of those.

Suppose you’re an ordinary young woman in New York, nearly twenty-five years old. You work in an office Monday to Friday. It’s pretty routine. You don’t have a college degree so other people overtake you, but you don’t mind too much. Well, sometimes, but generally not.

Why? Because you have the best weekend volunteer job in the world, in the city park – a huge green paradise over 800 acres. Breathing fresh air, helping people, laughing with kids, losing yourself in the trees. It reminds you of your happy childhood home, the one you lost when your father died when you were twelve.

It’s what you live for, it’s what keeps you sane.

That’s your life – five days so-so, two days exhilaration. Life is safe, if a tad boring and going nowhere.

Then you throw a stoned kid and his two friends out of the park for beating up an old man. Problem is his father’s the second most powerful person in the country. Result – you get sacked from your beloved volunteer job. You are devastated.

But you get a promotion at work and meet an attractive foreign spy disguised as an interpreter. He’s from a mysterious European country founded centuries ago by Romans.

Soon a sinister enforcer from your own government is trying to wipe you out. And the pretty hot foreign spy is trying to convince you he’s the good guy.

But this world isn’t the one this blog is written in – it has a different history and different rules…

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