‘Captain Carina Mitela?’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Who is this?’

‘Custodes XI Station. An emergency token with your code has been handed in. We’re holding the presenter.’


I dropped everything and headed for the tunnel connecting our headquarters to the police station. The duty sergeant, with a typical cop’s bland expression but […]

Excerpt III from INCEPTIO

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I stared at the screen. I felt like I’d been struck in the face. This couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t a terrorist or criminal. Sure, my mother had been born abroad, but she’d been dead for twenty-one years. My father was born in England but had been a naturalised American […]


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‘You are dismissed from the Conservancy Corps, with immediate effect. Hand your uniform, ID and any other park property to your supervisor and leave within the next thirty minutes. You have become an embarrassment to the Autonomous City of New York. We cannot stop you as a member of […]

INCEPTIO - Excerpt I


The boy lay in the dirt in the centre of New York’s Kew Park, blood flowing out of both his nostrils, his fine blond hair thrown out in little strands around his head. I stared at my own hand, still bunched, pain rushing to gather at the reddening knuckles. I hadn’t […]

I wrote my first car chase!

Not a big scene, but which framed a confrontation, added a little pzazz as well as demonstrating my heroine’s hot temper.

As we cruised along the peripheral at max speed limit, setting citizens a good example, a silver Mercedes flew past us, cutting us up. We weren’t traffic cops, but I was incensed. I looked […]