SUCCESSIO cover300dpi_smApologies for the capital letters – I’m not shouting at anybody, I’m shouting out loud to the world.

Today is the end of a long process. My third novel in the Roma Nova thriller series is published. Is it as exciting as publishing the first?

Yes and no.

Yes, it’s the end of a long road of writing, reviewing, editing, honing, tweaking, deciding about cover image, format and page order; receiving encouragement, endorsements and advice.

And this beautiful book would never have been produced without the support of Helen Hart’s team at SilverWood Books.

And yes, it’s exciting that by now, readers are sharing the excitement of Carina’s adventures with me. They’ve followed her hesitant beginning in INCEPTIO and her dreadful dilemma and betrayal in PERFIDITAS with me. Now, we’re going to see how the next generation becomes entangled and how Carina deals with the biggest challenge of her life.

No? Well, nothing completely beats that first time your book goes out in the world, the sense of achievement and wonder that you’ve actually done it. You are also terrified, knowing how vulnerable you feel waiting for the icy blast of the first bad review or hurtful remark. But then the smiles began, the 5-star reviews and the  exclamations of pleasure. Oh, yes!

Nothing will replicate that pleasure/terror of launching the first book into the void. But now my loyal readers and fans are sharing the journey with me. And I love it!

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