INCEPTIO storms up the rankings

Very exciting this morning.

INCEPTIO has been doing well on with 41 reviews so far – 34 5-star and 7 4-star – and at time of writing has a sales rank hovering around #15,000 in the paid Kindle store. In July, it even hit #6,773. All very satisfactory for a first book by an unknown.

That was on the European side of the pond…

On 2 October, INCEPTIO’s ranking on the US site was at a respectable but unexciting #104,459 on 2 October in Amazon Best Sellers Rank, Paid in Kindle Store. Now, is the world’s biggest site and includes sales in countries other than just the US, so I wasn’t too depressed. These things take time.

This morning, I woke up to this result on

So you can see why smiles are painted all over the forum columns here.

Now (4.30pm)

2 comments to INCEPTIO storms up the rankings

  • Denise Barnes

    Absolutely fantastic, Alison. Am very proud of you and the book. I’m sure PERFIDITAS is going to do equally well as you now have a following. Very well done!

  • Alison

    Thank you, Denise! Really thrilled about this. So lovely to have new readers find out about the Roma Nova books.