INCEPTIO won 'We've Got It Covered' competition

‘We’ve Got It Covered’, an Indie Cover Hall of Fame competition asked readers to nominate and vote on their favourite indie-author cover. There were 23 nominations. Joanne Phillips who ran the competition on her blog, commented,’ What is fascinating to me, seeing them all lined up next to each other, is the breadth of design and styles – they are all so different. I have my favourites, and I’m sure you have yours! Thanks so much to everyone who nominated a cover – now it’s over to you.’

Joanne Phillips writes commercial women’s fiction; her first novel Can’t Live Without Her latest new novel – a follow-up to Can’t Live WithoutThe Family Trap, was published on 14th February 2013. A chick-lit/crime crossover novel  is due out in the summer.

In the ‘We’ve Got It Covered’ competition, voters were asked to choose vote for the cover they liked the most, not the cover that was designed by their friend, or the book written by their favourite author. This was a cover competition to be judged on design elements alone.


9 comments to INCEPTIO won the ‘We’ve Got It Covered’ competition

  • Hurrah! So pleased for you, Alison – it’s a very worthy winner among stiff competition!

    • Alison

      Thanks, Debbie. Yes, the competition was fearsome. I was pleased to be among such a high quality selection. When I received the email saying I’d won, I stared at the screen not believing it. I was delighted x 10!

  • Fantastic news, Alison! I was really impressed with this cover (from such an artistic and individual line-up) and this proves it. And as that is the first thing the browser is attracted to, you should do exceptionally well on sales.

    • Alison

      Thanks, Denise. The cover is the thing that encourages people to pick up the book or click on it. Crucial to have one that works!

  • It is a striking cover, well deserved

  • Congratulations. Fabulous cover.

  • Alison

    Thanks, Cath and Carol. It was great to work with the SilverWood Books designers – they interpreted my rather woolly ideas into something beautiful.

  • A very worthy winner, Alison – and I can assure you Inceptio was a good 10% of the votes clear of the second place choice! You’re right that all the covers were lovely, and I was touched that my little competition had so many supporters. Looking forward to reading Inceptio – when is your official launch?

    • Alison

      Thank you, Joanne, and for letting me know about the 10% difference. 😉

      Publication date is Friday, the day after tomorrow(!), when I’m having a little launch here in France with friends from the book club and paperback exchange. The UK launch is at Waterstones Tunbridge Wells on 12 March. If you’d like to come along, I’d be delighted!