Toys for the girls?

“Designed to fit comfortably in a womans hand”

We girlies must celebrate. That lovely company,  Bic, has come to our rescue. No longer must we struggle to lift those heavy, huge Bic pens, chip our nails on them or cry with disappointment when, because of our weaker fingers, we drop them.

Bic have brought out “BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen “. One selling point is that they are “Designed to fit comfortably in a womans hand“.

Well, that’s all right, then. What else have we got to do with our hands?

Oh, yes, Lego for Girls:  Mia the animal-lover, Olivia the smart girl, Emma the beautician, Andrea the singer and social butterfly Stephanie (Source: Huffington Post January 2012).

I feel so sorry for the designers of these products. They are going to get such a slapping from half the world’s population.


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