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Dashing around visiting sites/blog/articles, I sometimes forget to tell others about the hordes of treasure I find, so here are two articles on promoting your book that I’ve found or visited recently.

50 Simple Ways to Build Your Platform
Christina Katz writes:

Writing rules. Self-promotion drools. Isn’t this how most writers think?

But as long as you view your writing as art and your self-promotion efforts as the furthest thing from art, your chances of ramping up a successful 21st-century writing career are going to remain slim to none.
These days, there’s an art to writing and an art to self-promotion. From the moment you start putting words to the page, it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to share them. And once you begin to see your writing and promotional efforts as equally artful, something wonderful starts to happen: You find readers.

Why Promoting Your Book Online is (a bit) like Fight Club
Catherine Ryan Howard writes:

The first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club.

And the first rule of effectively promoting your book online is that you do not promote your book online.

By which I mean, you do not blatantly promote your book online.

(Yes, it’s a tenuous link but let’s just go with it, okay?

These are not simply analysis and explanation, but solid advice to follow. If either of these articles appeals to you or helps you, tell the authors!

Have you any sites to recommend that have been eye-opening for you others might find useful?

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