Musings on my first rejection letter

I arrived back from my holiday and found my first rejection on the doormat. It was a polite letter, but a standard, non-personalised one. Of course, I was disappointed (swallows hard and sobs), but I feel I have passed a milestone, lost my publishing virginity, joined the ‘normal’ throng of writers.

Of course, I sent off to another agent straight away. It’s a reflex from many years of running a small business – when a contract pitch doesn’t work, you get on and contact the next company on your selected list of leads.

Perhaps it also goes back to when as a child I fell over and after a brief hug, and a wipe of the knee, from my mother I brushed the tears away, got up and ran off playing again. I was soon back laughing and shrieking with my friends, having completely forgotten the earlier fall.

So, Pollyanna-ish, I wait to hear from the next agent…

2 comments to Musings on my first rejection letter

  • Good for you, Alison – always thought you’d be a tough cookie! Looking forward to hearing what the next one says.

    Good luck.

  • alison

    Thanks, Rachael. Not too sure I’m a tough cookie – I did have a little weep – but you can’t do much about it.

    It’s when I get to number thirty and I’ve run out of options that I’ll begin to get desperate…