10 reasons why a book is a good read?

A good read

Yep, it’s an old question, but a good one. Choosing and enjoying  a book is very personal and each reader’s view is subjective. This is why reviews of any one book can vary so much! But here’s my personal take on what makes a good read for me (YMMV).

  • A well-paced story, with a clever plot so I’m intrigued about what happens next.
  • A clean and clear style that flows easily.
  • A plausible (but not necessarily real) world, correct for its (supposed) time and (supposed) geographical location where the characters talk and dress appropriately.
  • Enough detail to trigger my imagination, one or two small things to set the scene  but NOT a blow-by-blow description of every brick in every house in every town. So no info-dump, just integrated detail dripped in about the world I’m being drawn into.
  • Lots of lively dialogue that carries the story along.
Where it shows me what the characters do and how they react rather than just tell me. I don’t mind whether characters are comfortable or not with their lives as long as they have made some change or developed in some way by the end. Flaws, temper, uncertainties and vulnerabilities are all fine, but please, not TSTL (Too stupid to live) or I’ll chuck the book in the bin.
  • Some characters who do the right thing for the right reasons, even if it’s against “the rules”. But they can definitely be a bit naughty and do some morally dubious things as long as they get to the honourable goal.
  • Characters I can identify with, so I can find some common attitudes, experiences and feelings. They’re not me and I’m not them, but I want to connect.
  • Not necessarily a happy ending, but a satisfactory resolution to the story.

That’s nine things. Over to you. What’s your tenth?


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