Friends, Romans, Londoners

I visited the Museum of London last weekend, something I hadn’t done for several years. The displays are very attractive, well-labelled and intelligently set out. Rooms had been reconstructed painstakingly following decoration and description from original sites or authors, but the artefacts in them are original.
(Photos taken on my phone, so apologies for the quality)


Two other visitors were fascinated by a map of the Roman Empire at its height but were troubled by the name Pannonia. Was that modern day Bulgaria, they asked each other? Unable to stop myself, I stepped in and murmured it was Hungary and next door Noricum was more or less Austria. Other remarks around me confirmed my suspicion that neither history nor geography is taught well these days.


But the museum was full, so people are taking the initiative themselves to find out. And enjoying themselves in the process.

And a great excuse for me under the heading ‘research’.

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