First submission made!

Yes, I’ve got my synopsis, three chapters with a (fabulous!) letter out to an agent. It’s quite emotional, letting the A4 envelope disappear into into the postbox slot and hearing the ‘thunk’ as it hits the bottom of the cage inside. At that stage, my first thought was ‘Oh, God, the postbox is empty – I’ve missed the post’ but I hadn’t. My brain, through my eyes, reminded me it was only 11.45 am. Even in English villages, the last collection isn’t until the afternoon…

What did I do next? Went home and had a glass of red.

That evening, I banished all thoughts of manuscripts, synopses, slaving over a hot keyboard. My OH and I loaded up the car and fled to France for a few days, which is where I am typing this post.

I understand I won’t hear for several weeks, especially as the London Book Fair is approaching. I might start getting a little nervy around mid-May and hope I’ll be grown up enough not to phone up until the end of May.

Well, I have Part Deux of my trilogy to edit/polish up, so in between the wine, cheese and milder weather, I’ll content myself with working on that.

(But I still think it’s exciting…)

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