New year, new blog title!


When I first started this blog on World Book Day not quite three years ago (4 March 2010) I had just signed my indentures as a mad newbie writer, so the title Write a Novel? I must be mad! was an appropriate one. While I will never give up learning – no human being, let alone no writer ever should – I feel that it’s time for refreshment. And we’re not talking about a cup of tea.

My first book, INCEPTIO, comes out on 1 March this year. I have survived the initial mad phase and am passing into the institutionalised one where I hope to produce novels on a reasonably regular basis. Perhaps I will never be released from this obsession of writing…

I write thrillers with a strong heroine. She gets into scrapes: treason, death threats, kidnappings, betrayals, let alone organised crime, and comes near to losing her life and her love several times in the course of the novels. She has a temper, but tends to let it out only when she thinks she’s being treated unfairly. But she matures and learns valuable, if not always palatable, lessons about herself.

But her biggest challenge is the world she lives in, mainly because she wasn’t born there. Roma Nova, lying somewhere between the Northern Confederation of Italy and New Austria was founded sixteen centuries ago by a group of Romans fleeing persecution by the Christian Emperor Theodosius in AD 395. And they’ve managed to tough it out until the 21st century.

Welcome to the world of Roma Nova.

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