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Do I need to blog about the London attack?

(Still from a BBC video)

Yes, I do.

“Seven people are dead and over 40 injured, after three people launched a van and knife attack.” (BBC website)

It was such a stark statement. I was in Spitalfields on Saturday 3 June, about a mile north of London Bridge, having a bite to eat with […]

Author events-lite

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post on how to set up and run an author exhibition stand. Readers seemed to find it useful and it’s still much retweeted and reposted. But how do you do this when you haven’t got the luxury of a thousand-litre boot people-carrier but a single suitcase, weight limit […]

Gadding about - and finishing in Bristol fashion

With Rachel Abbott at the SilverWood Books social in Bristol

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll have seen that I’ve almost earnt a frequent flyer gold card!

No, not really, but I seemed to have trudged along miles of airport corridors and lived in so many hotel rooms I can’t remember which was […]

Fenella Forster - Love me, love my character

Today is the start of a new, possibly disruptive series, ‘Love me, love my character’. I’m inviting authors and their characters to give us their separate views. Hopefully, we may get some unexpected results.

Fenella Forster (the writing name of Denise Barnes) writes sagas with a difference: all involve ‘voyages’, physical as well as emotional […]

Travel broadens the writer’s mind

Flying from Paris to Montréal (pronounced in the Francophone world as ‘Mon_roy_al’) was full of brain-fodder for me as a writer! Over the seven hours, my other half and I watched films, ate slightly strange food and thought about the next few weeks of our Big Trip. But best of all was chatting to two […]